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2018 China Optical Intelligent Manufacturing 2025ShenzhenForum

Concurrent Event: The 20th China International Optoelectronic Exposition

Date: September 5-7, 2018   

Venue:Tulip Hall, 6th Floor, Shenzhen Convention& Exhibition Center


Optical Manufacturing Technology Committee of Chinese Optical Society

Shanghai Ultra-precision Optical Manufacturing Engineering Centre, Fudan University

China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)


Institute of Machinery Manufacturing Technology, China Academy of Engineering Physics

Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

State Key Laboratory of ultra-precision maching technology, HKPU



China International Optoelectronic Conference Office (CIOEC)

Shenzhen UBM Herong Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Strategic Media:

China Extreme Manufacturing


Optical manufacturing has become the cornerstone of all kinds of high-end industries, which is also an important part of the world's emerging 

industries. The application of optical technology continues to penetrate into various fields, such as communications, automotive electronics, robotics, medical care, industrial manufacturing, intelligent equipment, and AI. Made in China 2025 will also bring new opportunities and challenges to the 

optical manufacturing enterprises. The forum aims to build an industrial, academic, and applicable platform for the industry. It will invite authoritative 

experts and industry elites in the optical field to discuss future trends.

Aims of the Conference: 

Deepening the international communication; pushing scientific and technological forward; promoting scientific and technological cooperation; building a high-end communication platform with multi-level, multi-view and multi- channel for producing, studying, researching and using in this field


300 seats.


The professors, scholars, researchers, technicists, production staff, planners, managers, business people and postgraduates, doctoral 

candidates in enterprises and Public Institutions, Research Institutions, Institutions of Higher Education, National and ministerial key 

laboratories, Financial Investment Industry etc. who work in optics photoelectricity, photonics or other related fields.

Conference Chairs:

Academician Songlin Zhuang, Academician Junhua Pan

Executive Chairman:

Min Xu

General Co- Chairs:

Xiaobin Yue, Xin Zhang, Xue Du

Organizing Committee Chairs:

Dawei Zhang

Secretary general:

Junhua Wang


2018 China Optical Intelligent Manufacturing 2025ShenzhenForum

Date: September 5-7, 2018     Venue: Tulip Hall, 6th Floor, Shenzhen Convention& Exhibition Center



Morning, September 5

Opening Ceremony of the 20th China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE2018) and OGC Opening 

Hall 5, SZCEC

Afternoon, September 5 

Session 1 : Opportunities and Challenges of 


      Manufacturing Industry Development

Tulip Hall, 6th Floor

Morning, September 6

Session 2: Wafer-level-optics manufacturing 


AfternoonSeptember 6

Session 3: Extreme Manufacturing-Ultra precision/

Micro nano Manufacturing and Inspection 


Conference Agenda:

Session 1 : Opportunities and Challenges of Optical Manufacturing Industry Development

Host: Dr. Du Xue, Associate Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, The Hongkong Polytechnic University)


Guest Speech

曹健林 原科技部副部长


A Summary of the Developments of Optical Manufacturing in China



New Development Trends of Optoelectronic Products 

Industrial Expert


Development Opportunities of Optical Industrial Core Technology

Senior Management of Famous Enterprises

15:30—15:55New breakthrough in Extreme Manufacturing TechnologyMagazine Chief Editor of Extreme Manufacturing

Session 2: Wafer-level-optics manufacturing Technology

Host: Li Zhixin


Wafer-scale micro-optics Fabrication

       Reinhard Voelkel


Wafer-Level Hybrid Integration of Complex Micro-Optical Modules 

Peter Dannberg


Hybrid polymers

Gabi Grützner


HIGH-VOLUME OPTICS FABRICATION: New Technologies Enable Precise and cost-effective Wafer-level Optics

Niels-Christian/ Romer Holme

chief technology office

10:40—11:05Advanced Equipments for Wafer-level-optics娄浩 EV Group China Ltd. China
11:05—11:30Wafer Level Micro OpticsHeptagon

Session 3: Extreme Manufacturing-Ultra precision/Micro-nano Manufacturing and Inspection Technology

Host: Zhang Xin, Chuangchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Optical Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

Dalian University of Technology


Optical Micro-nano Manufacturing Technology

Fudan University


3D Sensing Industry Chain

Sunny Opotech


Advanced Optical Manufacturing Technology

Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mehcanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

15:40—16:05New Breakthrough in Inspection of Optical Free Form

Wang Shanzhong

Nanjing Wavelength Opto-Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

There will be no further notice for conference agenda; all are subject to the notice on site. 

The Organizing Committee reserves the finial interpretation right


Conference Fee:

Representatives: 1500rmb (September 5-September 7)

Students: 750rmb (with student card)

Privilege for remittance in advance

Make remittance before 31ST July 2018

Representatives: 1200rmb

Students: 600(with student card)

And after remittance, payers will get conference documents, lunch coupons. Work language of the conference is Chinese, if there is English 

reports included the organizer will not provide simultaneous interpretation.

The Organizing Committee of China International Optoelectronic Exposition

Contact Person: Ms. Yinyin Zhu

Tel:0755-88242564 15920053609

E-mail: Yinyin.Zhu@cioe.cn