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Exhibit Profile

- Exhibit Profile

  • Optical Components and Optical Materials:

Optical Glass, Sapphire Materials, Quartz Materials, Optical Film, Grinding Materials, Coating Materials, Optical Filters, Optical Splitters, Spherical & Aspheric Lenses, Prism, Cylindrical Lens, Reflector, Optical Windows, Focus Lamp, Half Reflecting mirror, Beam Expanders, etc.

  • Imaging, Measurement & Test Instruments Exhibition Zone:

Microscopes, Industrial Cameras, Projectors, Measuring Instruments, Optical Tables, Displacement Tables, Laser Interferometers, Spectrum Instruments, Surface Visual Inspection System, Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) System, Non-contact Displacement Measurement System, Tri-ordinate Measuring Machine, 3D Stereo Microscopic Imaging Device, Telescopes, Astronomical Observation Instrument, Bird-watching Scopes, Stands and other Optical Applications, etc.

  • Optical Processing Equipment:

Various Cold working, AsphericalSurface Processing Devices, Single and Double-sided Grinding and Polishing Machine, Lens-Mounding Machines, Electroforming Apparatus, Mouldfor Optical Processing, Grinding Wheels, Diamond Turning Machines, Cutting Machine, Dicing Saw, Crystal Growth Equipment, etc.

  • Optical Coating Technology and Equipment: 

Various Vacuum Coating Machine, Vacuum Valve and Vacuum Components, Vacuum Accessories, Vacuum Pump and Components, Vacuum Plating Equipment, Vacuum Freeze-drying Equipment, Packer Elements, Target Material, Fixture for Coating , Power, Factory Automation Cleaning Equipment, etc.

  • Optical Lens and Accessory:

Industrial Vision Cameras, Vehicular Cameras, Security Cameras, Zooming Cameras, Industrial Camera Lens, Telecentric Lens, Various Camera and Lens; Camera Modules and Lens for Cellphone, Laptop, Tablet Computer, Vehicles, etc. Lens Assembly and Detection Equipment, Lens Testing Instrument, Design Elements, Lens Accessories, Lens Production and Processing, Lens Coating, etc.

  • Sapphire and Touch Screen Manufacturing:

Sapphire Materials, Sapphire Growth Equipment, Sapphire Processing and Surface Finishing Equipment, Touch Screen Components and Modules, Touch Screen Materials and Consumables, Touch Screen Manufacturing Equipment, etc.

  • Mobile Phone Camera & Biological Recognition Zone:

AR/VR Products & Components, Mobile Phone Camera, Lens & Modules, Motors, Chips and Equipments, Biological Recognition Payment Ecosystem, Fingerprint Recognition, Iris Recognition, Fingerprint Recognition Module Cover Processing and Manufacturing Line, etc.

  • 3D Glass & Ceramics Processing Zone:

  3D Glass & Ceramic Materials, 3D Glass & Ceramic Processing and Manufacturing Equipments, etc.