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The Development of World's First Wide Angle Microscopic Objective Lens

Time:2016-08-10 15:34:58




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The Development of World's First Wide Angle Microscopic Objective Lens.



Pro Optics Co., Ltd. has successfully developed the Wide Angle Objective Lens Series for 29M Area CCD(Image Circle Size 43.5mm) and 12k5um Line CCD (Image Circle Size 61.44mm).

The previous objective lens were not applicable to above specifications.

We succeeded in developing our first model: EFL 40mm 5x ( 200mm Tube Lens standard) Wide Angle Microscopic Objective Lens along with two tube lens (f = 200mm, f = 297mm). The specifications are as follows:


Mag.: 5x (Tube Lens f = 200mm standard) , 7.42x(Tube Lens f = 297mm standard)

EFL : 40mm

Wavelength : white(435~656nm) => visible light

FOV : 8.7mm

Resolution : 0.3@500lp/mm

Working Distance : 7mm

Tube Lens : f=200mm, f=297mm

Detector : 29M Area CCD( Image Circle Size : 43.5mm),

12k5um Line CCD( Image Circle Size : 61.44mm)

Parfocal Length : 129mm


Meet our brand new AOI Module with Wide Angle Microscopic Objective Lens in "CIOE2016".


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