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IOSolution is Innovative Optics solution

Time:2016-08-10 15:42:16


IOSolution Co., Ltd.

Booth Number: 8J11


IOSolution is Innovative Optics solution



“IOSolution” develops and manufactures new optical components based on High precision processing technology and on optical design technology.


We produce and supply the precisional optical lens to various field:


communication, vehicle, mobile phone/LED TV, security and surveillance, and defense industry.


Main products:

Aspheric Glass Lens for Optic Communication, IR Lens, Ball Lens, BLU Mold for LED TV, Lens Mold for Mobile Phone


We wish to meet more business partner in CIOE 2016.




Figure 1 Optical Aspheric Glass Lens


Figure 2 IR lens


Figure 3 Core Pin








Figure 4 Ball Lens