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OneStone’s brand new Products

Time:2016-08-10 15:46:34



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OneStone’s brand new Products


OneStone develops the products by co-work networks with highly experienced optical designers over 15 years at domestic and overseas business. So we will guarantee you the best solutions on optical design fields.

 OneStone is supplying our customers with optical & mechanical components(barrel, spacer and mask etc) as well. OneStone designs and produces various inspection equipments & jigs for your own development and mass production.

Our major products are Collimator Lens, Machine Vision , Mobile/Vehicle Lens,

Military Lens etc.

Major customers are Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsungthales, Siliconfile, K2E, Namuga, ISmedia, Hivision System, MTM etc.


 OneStone’s lines of business are

1) Optical design & Prototype production

2) Optical parts / Elements Supplying

3) Customized order production & mass production


OneStone’s latest developed products are

Collimator Lens, 3D Broadcasting Lens, Auto Focusing Lens, Touch Screen Lens, HMD(Head Mounted Display), Black Box Lens, Machine Vision System etc.